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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.
Feel free to call us at (805) 684-6494 or email for more information.

Who is involved in the certification process?

There are many people involved in the certification process. To begin, new and returning applicants will work with OC's sales team, who will assist them in getting all the application materials submitted. Then applicants will be transferred to their Certification Specialist who will conduct their application review and serve as the main contact at OC. Next, applicants will be assigned an inspector, who acts as an independent third party. Lastly, a Final Reviewer will review all the application materials and the inspection report before making a final certification decision.

How long does it take to get certified?

There are many variables, such as application completeness, inspector availability, and location that determine the length of time it takes to become certified. A good estimate is 8 to 12 weeks from application to certification.

Is there an option to expedite the process?

Yes, OC offers an expedited service for an additional fee. The turnaround time for both new and renewal clients is 4 to 6 weeks, application to certification.

What if I’m currently certified by a different certification agency and I want to switch to OC?

Organic Certifiers would be happy to partner with you. The transition process is quite simple. First, you will want to reach out our Sales Team [insert link] for an estimate and application package. Next, you will go through the certification process, including application review, inspection, and final review. During this time you will need to maintain your current certification to prevent a lapse in coverage. Upon certification with OC you will surrender certification with your, now, previous certification agency.

*OC offers a one-time discount to operations coming from another certification agency.

Is certification transferable?

Organic certification is not transferrable.. Think about it like when selling a car; If you sell car [a piece of land], the insurance [organic certification] does not go with it, however, the car [land] is eligible for insurance [organic certification]. You will need to apply to be granted organic certification. 

What do I do if I receive adverse actions (i.e. Non-Compliance Notice, Proposed Suspension Notice, etc.)?

Carefully read the notice and referenced regulation(s). If you are having trouble understanding the nature of the notice, you can call your Certification Specialist who may give you a more thorough explanation of what has occurred. You will be required to respond to any and all adverse action notices issued to the entity.

How often does my certification need to be renewed?

Annually. Organic Certification is to be renewed each year and includes an on-site inspection.

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