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How much does certification cost?

In general, the cost of Organic Certification for our clients is comprised of two components: Annual Certification Fee and Inspection (including inspector travel expenses). 


Accredited certifying agencies are responsible for ensuring that organic operations meet all the requirements of the organic regulations. Our clients pay an annual certification fee to cover the cost of this effort.

The annual inspection of certified operations is a requirement of the USDA's National Organic Program standards. Organic Certifiers makes the arrangements for the inspection to occur but our clients are responsible for the cost. 

Annual Certification Fee

The Annual Certification Fee is calculated based on scope. In general, the parameters listed below are followed:

Crop fees based on organic acreage

Handler/Processor fees based on annual gross organic sales

Livestock/Dairy fees based on annual gross organic sales

Wild Crop fees based on annual gross organic sales

We would be happy to share our fee schedule with you and provide you with a free estimate!  You can select Get Started or contact our main office at 805-684-6494.

Farmer in Field

A contracted OC inspector will visit the site(s) each year to observe and report organic practices are being implemented as described in the operation's Organic Systems Plan. 


Depending on your scope, prices can range from ~$480 - $910 for the inspection fee. Inspector travel expenses will vary based on location.


Cost-Share Programs


Many state agencies offer to reimburse a portion of certification expenses through a cost-share program. You can apply for the reimbursement annually and applications typically include the following:

  • ​Application form

  • Proof of certification

  • W-9 tax form

  • Itemized invoice from the Organic Certifiers

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